Uredovno vrijeme: Uto.-Pet. 16h-18h; SD Cvjetno naselje, Odranska 8, 10000 Zagreb; e-mail: studentski.kapelan@gmail.com

For foreign students

Are you a foreign student living and studying in Zagreb?

Do you need pastoral or spiritual assistance or the sacrament of reconciliation?

Feel free to drop by at the Catholic Pastoral Office of the University of Zagreb.


Fr. Damir Stojić, SDB

Campus minister

SD „Cvjetno naselje“

Odranska 8

10 000 Zagreb

Tel: 01/619-1242

Mob: 098/165-7878; 091/459-3581



English language mass:

Bl. Augustin Kažotić Church – Peščenica

Ivanićgradska 71 (in the hall below the rectory)

Tel: 01/236-2610

Every Sunday at 10:30h

Mass schedule of local churches close to student dorms:

Crkva Marija Pomoćnica – Knežija

Omiška 8

Sundays: 7, 9, 10:30, 12, 17 and 18:30h

Weekdays: 7 and 18:30h

Sv. Mati Slobode – Jarun

Sundays: 9, 10:30, 12 and 19h

Weekdays: 7 and 19h

Povratak na vrh